Why Startle LOYALTY™

Well-executed customer loyalty schemes keep customers coming back, increase spend and build brand advocacy. But it can be a challenge to run an effective loyalty scheme in retail and hospitality if you’re still relying on an inefficient paper-based process or a standalone solution that doesn’t talk to your EPOS system.

You need one streamlined process that captures customer data, segments customers, issues rewards and handles redemptions at the till. And you need to be able to determine how much you’ve spent, and how much your value your campaign has generated.


Startle Loyalty handles every aspect of running a successful loyalty scheme with ease. This simple-to-use, out-of-the-box solution fully integrates with other Startle products, your marketing systems and, most importantly, your EPOS terminals. If you use our interactive services such as Startle Quiz or Startle Jukebox, you can use the customer data you’re already capturing. With Startle Loyalty, you can issue rewards or quiz prizes directly by scanning or entering the unique code at the till. Log in to your Startle Loyalty dashboard at any time to see live reporting on results and your return on investment.

Features & Benefits

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Easy data capture

Startle Loyalty automatically collects data from customers in your venue who engage with Startle interactive services. If you have Startle Jukebox or Startle Quiz, you can use Startle Loyalty to send out unique offer codes to these customers to entice them back into your venue or keep them there for longer. You can also use the platform to manage your own offers.

Picture of EPOS integration service feature

EPOS integration

Startle Loyalty integrates with many of the major EPOS providers. Once connected, offers generated on your EPOS system can be seamlessly distributed through the platform and redeemed at your EPOS terminals. Offer validity and expiry is handled automatically at the point of redemption in real-time.

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Full reporting

By closing the loop between your EPOS system and Startle Loyalty, you gain full visibility into the offers issued, redemption levels and return on investment on the campaigns you run through Startle Loyalty.

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The Highlights

Getting on board with Startle Loyalty starts with a full consultation so our experts can understand how you will use Startle services to capture customer data and how you intend to run loyalty offers. We’ll then work with your EPOS provider to determine the integration required between the two systems. Once up and running, you’ll receive full training on the Startle Loyalty platform so you can be self-sufficient – but we’re always on hand to provide one-to-one support should you need assistance.

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