Why Startle QUIZ™

People love a pub quiz. Almost two-thirds of us have enjoyed the thrill of proving our prowess at trivia, or the frustration of hearing the correct answer that remained tantalisingly on the tip of our tongue. It’s a great way for pubs to create a sociable evening that drives new and repeat business and encourages dwell time, especially on quieter nights of the week.

But it's time-consuming to compile original questions across a range of subjects. And while that lucky individual is busy handing out paper and pens, reading out questions and refereeing the inevitable disputes, someone else has to serve your customers. You could buy a ready-made quiz, but these tired, paper-based quizzes just aren’t engaging enough for today’s increasingly sophisticated pub-goers.


Startle Quiz is an out-of-the-box, fully-featured digital system that brings all the fun of the traditional pub quiz format bang up to date for a new generation. This cutting-edge service eliminates the work of researching challenging and diverse quizzes or administering a quiz league while giving your business a real differentiator.

Head-scratching questions are professionally compiled by curators including a former Mastermind winner and World Quiz champion. There’s no need for pens and paper or even a quizmaster. New quizzes are added every week, and you can replay historical quizzes from a database of tens of thousands of questions.

Features & Benefits

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100% digital

Customers play using either robust, hand-held devices (provided as part of the package) or via their smartphones. There can be no cheating or Googling – the faster the team presses the button, the more points they get.

Picture of Play nationwide service feature

Play nationwide

Select a live time slot to play along with other venues around the country, so your pub can go head-to-head with other local venues or even compete simultaneously on a national scale. Nationwide scores are shown live on-screen to heighten the competitive atmosphere.

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Capture customer data

As teams register to play, you can use their data to send adverts, offers and promotions directly to their smartphones to encourage repeat visits.

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The Highlights

Simply connect your Startle Player to the internet and your display screens, and distribute the hand-held devices to deliver a completely automated, digital and immersive quiz that will get teams flocking to your venue. While the system is easy to set up, professional installation is optionally available, and the service is backed by 24x7 remote support.

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