Why Startle MUSIC™

Background music plays a vital role in providing a great customer experience in a retail, hospitality or leisure environment. Just like the decor, lighting, and other atmospheric features, a venue’s background music can truly enhance the space and should be a key consideration for brands that want to remain competitive.

But getting the music for a business right isn’t easy. It needs to complement your brand, integrate with surroundings, and meet the necessary licensing requirements. Whether in a store, restaurant, bar or hotel, high-quality background music has a huge impact on whether your customers will leave happy, and if they’ll return.


Startle offers a variety of background music solutions for businesses. Whether you’re looking for something simple with minimal management, or want a customised solution that gives your brand its own unique ‘sound’ and integrates with other technology touchpoints, Startle can work with your business to achieve an experience perfectly suited to your needs.

Our ‘out of the box’ Startle Music plans give retail, hospitality and leisure brands a flexible music system to build around their business. Ideal for single sites or multiple locations, Startle Music is an easy-to-use solution with millions of tracks and professionally-curated playlists that can be scheduled through your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Features & Benefits

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Access to millions of tracks

Get unlimited access to one of the most complete music libraries in the world, used by the BBC, ITV and hundreds of production companies globally. With millions of tracks from every conceivable genre and 75+ professional compilations which are constantly updated, Startle Music offers huge choice and variety.

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Let your customers choose the songs

Engage your customers further by enabling Startle Jukebot, our chatbot-powered jukebox system. Integrating seamlessly with your social media pages, the Jukebot allows users to request their favourite songs and interact further with your brand. This provides a unique experience that will set your venue apart from the competition.

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Get up and running in minutes

Our simple plug-and-play setup means all you have to do is connect your Startle Music hardware to your broadband router and speaker system. Unlike traditional systems, the clever bits of our services live in the cloud, not the Player, so your service will continually expand and update as we deliver new, exciting features.

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The Highlights

Powered by the cloud and running from solid-state hardware that supports all of Startle’s products, Startle Music is an ultra-reliable service that benefits from automatic updates overnight. To ensure you get the most out of your products all customers receive Startle’s Relentless Support™, which demonstrates our commitment to outstanding service by providing guarantees on important areas such as order fulfilment, system uptime and support ticket resolution time.

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