Why Startle MIXES™

There's no doubt that hiring a DJ is a great way for bars and clubs to build their desired atmospheres, providing high-quality music that enhances the overall customer experience. Killer playlists of seamlessly blended tracks ensure people are continually entertained, and spending money at the bar.

The challenge however, is the expense that bars and clubs must incur to ensure that their music offering is organised, consistent and on-brand. A venue that hires a live DJ to provide weekend entertainment must account for an annual expenditure in the tens of thousands of pounds.


Startle Mixes brings you a wide variety of mixes, produced by top DJs, designed to be controlled by you from your smartphone. This gives you the best of both worlds: consistently high-quality music mixed by professionals, and complete control at your fingertips - without the cost of a live DJ.

Our professional mixes span eight moods to suit a range of venues and times of day – Contemporary Chill-out, Relaxing Soul, Laidback House, Modern Beats, Lounge Music, Midnight Dance, Popular Dance and Pure Pop – and are updated monthly to give you fresh new music.

Features & Benefits

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Professional, consistent mixes

Our mixes are created by experienced profilers and international DJs. Their expertise ensures our mixes provide hours of high-quality entertainment and give your venue consistency over the various trading periods of the day – something that’s hard to source reliably from the general DJ market.

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Management and control

Club and bar managers know better than anyone what their customers want. That’s why Startle Mixes offers complete control from a smartphone, allowing you to monitor your venue’s requirements and manage the music accordingly. It’s simple to use, enables changes to be made quickly, and offers convenience in a busy and demanding environment.

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Cost effective

Our professional Startle Mixes subscription services come at a fraction of the annual cost of hiring a live DJ over the course of a year. And unlike a fixed set, you can use these mixes on demand, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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The Highlights

Startle Mixes enables you to secure the high-quality entertainment usually delivered by a live DJ for a fraction of the cost, at any time, with consistent quality and control. This fully-licensed music service for businesses is subscription-based and delivered through the cloud, so you get the latest features and product releases with no need to upgrade your hardware.

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