Why Startle PLAYER

Traditionally, buying a music and entertainment system would have taken a large chunk of capital. These machines become less reliable with age, requiring ever-increasing maintenance, which is costly and disruptive. They also date quickly, as new features aren’t available without a costly upgrade. While music technology has moved on, this flawed type of set-up is still in common use.

Startle Player is a revolution. We’ve moved our system intelligence off the hardware and into the cloud, so you get an ultra-reliable, super-efficient playback device that gets better over time, with new functions, features and products made available digitally. All Startle products can run off a single Startle Player, supplied free of charge as part of your contract.

Features & Benefits

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By using solid-state storage and onboard components, the Startle Player has no moving parts or internal connections, making it ultra-reliable by design. In fact, we’re so confident that it will provide a lifetime of service that we’ll replace any faulty unit free of charge for as long as you remain a Startle customer.

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As an energy-efficient, fan-less device, the Startle Player only uses 2.5W of electricity, compared to a constant 60W for competitive devices, making it considerably greener and cheaper to run.

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Always up to date

The Startle Player is connected to our intelligent cloud, allowing you to take new advantage of new features and products as soon as they’re rolled out across the Startle platform.

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The Highlights

Whichever services you choose from Startle, we’ll ship one of our state-of-the-art Startle Players to you by courier. You’ll be up and running within minutes, thanks to the plug-and-play installation process. Your Startle Player obeys the commands you send via the online control panel or smartphone interface. And because it’s so robust, it will give you a lifetime of playing audio, video and interactive content, so you can focus on running your business.

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