Good Causes

Beyond our day-to-day obsession with creating high-impact, in-venue digital experiences for our customers, we want to have a positive influence on our communities by actively supporting causes that are close to our heart.

British Heart Foundation

Congenital Heart Defects are the most common form of birth defects in the UK, affecting one in every 125 babies born. In later life, Coronary Heart Disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. We support the British Heart Foundation’s cardiac research programs to improve survival rates and quality of life of those living with heart disease. In June 2017, some of our team will be Kayaking the length of the Thames (150 miles) to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. If you would like to sponsor them, you can pledge your support here.

Giving Blood

Blood stocks worldwide are constantly running low. In the UK alone, over 6,000 donations are needed every day, yet thousands of donors drop off the register each year. We encourage anyone who can give blood to do so regularly: it’s quick, easy and a single donation can save up to three lives. In fact, we give our employees time off, in addition to their holiday allowance, to donate blood or platelets as often as they wish. Please consider giving blood and visit or your local blood donation organisation.

Organ Donation

Anybody can become critically ill, and most would accept an organ donation if it was their only hope for survival. Yet, every day thousands of critically ill adults and children die waiting for an organ transplant due to the lack of donors on the register. We support the British Heart Foundation in campaigning for a switch to an opt-out system and encourage everybody to consider becoming a donor. Visit or your local organ donation organisation.