Why Startle Bot

With consumers in retail, hospitality and leisure environments so often disengaged and unaware of what’s going on around them, businesses need to provide exciting, immersive experiences to make their visit memorable. When this is achieved, customers will be more likely to return, recommend you to their friends, and talk about you on social media - giving you that all-important word-of-mouth marketing.

One way to create a memorable experience is by encouraging consumers to interact and have fun with elements of your venue, such as the background music. Whether in a pub, gym, restaurant or retail store, allowing your customers to choose the music is a great way to differentiate your business. By offering this real-time, personalised interaction through a Chatbot, you can extend the opportunities for the music in your venue.


Startle Bot gives your customers a whole new reason to visit you on social media and allows them to connect with your brand through music. Integrating seamlessly, the Bot enables users to make track selections from a music catalogue predetermined by you. This could be anything from a 100-track playlist to our full multimillion-track music library.

Using Natural Language Understanding, Startle Bot is programmed to interpret and respond to various questions and actions, providing a frictionless user experience. Customers can choose to 'Play', ‘Like’, see ‘Similar Suggestions’ and more, allowing them to immerse themselves in the experience. You can also benefit from full view of chat histories, so you can see how your customers are communicating with the Bot.

Features & Benefits

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Increase social media traffic

Integrating with your existing social media pages to accept song requests and have automated conversations with your customers, Startle Bot provides a whole new reason for people to visit you on social media. This is a great way to drive more traffic and encourage interaction online.

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Maximise exposure to content

With the Bot sending more traffic to your social media, this presents opportunities for you to showcase promotions, news and events to a wider audience. While they’re already engaging with your page, customers will be more responsive to your marketing efforts, at no extra cost.

Picture of Deliver a unique experience service feature

Deliver a unique experience

Allowing customers to choose their favourite tracks to play is a true differentiator that will leave a lasting impression. What’s more, delivering this through artificial intelligence takes the traditional jukebox experience to a new level, providing the same element of fun through the latest technology.

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The Highlights

Startle Bot is an extension of our fully-licensed background music service, Startle Music. It’s subscription-based and delivered through the cloud, so you’ll get the latest features and product releases automatically. The service is powered by robust, solid state hardware, providing a lifetime of reliable, maintenance-free service. Designed for ease of installation, Startle Bot simply plugs into your existing sound system and connects to the internet through your broadband router.

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