Startle: Who We Are & What We Do!

Welcome to the home of Startle - a business dedicated to helping retail, hospitality and leisure brands provide memorable experiences for their customers through innovative background music and technology solutions.

Our 'Why'

In a world driven by changes in technology and growing consumer expectations, we believe that brands need to work harder to make their customer experiences memorable and keep them coming back. It’s not enough, therefore, for businesses to just be ‘on-brand’; they need to awaken the senses of consumers to draw them into the present, creating a deeper sense of engagement. This is our 'Why.'

Combining multiple elements of technology to provide an immersive experience is one way that retail, hospitality and leisure brands can leave a lasting impression. When these technologies work in harmony and complement each other, it can heighten enjoyment, improve promotion of products or services, and help to build a positive customer perception.

So, how exactly we do achieve this?

All of Startle’s technology solutions centre around our core product; professional background music. As a standalone product, Startle Music gives shops, pubs, restaurants and the like a reliable, high-quality music system with huge choice and the desired level of control. While this simple music solution is perfect for some brands, those looking to invest in a more bespoke audio experience can achieve this with our professional music profiling service, 360° Profiling, which is 100% tailored around the individual brand. Marrying your venue with music that reflects your brand's personality and evokes the desired behaviour creates a stronger presence and enforces your identity in the minds of customers.

When background music is integrated with technology elements such as as digital signage, WiFi or chatbots, it gives brands new ways to interact with consumers and meets expectations of the omnichannel communication that we are all so used to. For example, having the ability to choose the tracks playing in a venue through Startle Jukebot, our digital chatbot-powered jukebox system, lets customers interact with the music through their smartphones. Using digital screens to promote the Jukebot and showcase who’s selected what heightens the experience further and connects the various consumer touchpoints. Triggering a customer’s favourite artist to play when they enter a venue makes a visit more personalised and leads to a positive association with the brand.

These are a few examples of how Startle’s ‘music for business’ solutions have evolved to bring brands new entertainment and communication possibilities through advancing technologies.

Our team

All of this is made possible by a hard-working team spread across both the UK and US, who aim to bring the retail, hospitality and leisure markets new, exciting products, and deliver a world-class level of customer service. In fact, we make it clear to customers what they can expect from us with our Relentless Support™, for which we outline a set of guarantees on order processing, ticket response time and more. We’ve been recognised for all of these strengths recently, taking home awards for B2B Innovation and Best Place to Work at the UK Business Awards, and Employee Engagement at the UK Employee Experience Awards, which have all centred around Startle’s commitment to both an outstanding customer and employee experience.

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